Friday, October 28, 2016

Enjoy the ride


  1. Indeed it is, and it is so nice to see a positive quote poppping up here. This is surely the year that you need those mental vitamins! I have a small piece of granite that I've had for years that has the following words on it... "Life is not a problem to solve, it is a mystery to experience." Hard as it feels at times, when we step back and breathe we discover that things have a way of working out. I panic when I think I have to figure it all out and get it all under control, because I know I can't. But somehow it falls into place anyhow. We just have to keep taking another step forward, one day, one breath at a time! XOXO

  2. That would be lovely as wall plaque. I'd put it on old barn wood or something and keep it where it could remind me every day.


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