Thursday, March 31, 2016

7,6,5,4,3,2,1 A to Z

So..... as erratic as I have been in posting lately (oh well!) I have made a plan for the month of April.
I had wanted to do a 28 day challenge (mostly to myself) of seeing if I could go 7 words in 7 days, 6 words in 6 days, 5 words in 5 days, 4 words in 4 days, 3 words in 3 days, 2 words in 2 days, and 1 word on the last day which would end up being 28 posts.  BUT Josie2Shoes asked me if I wanted to incorporate this into the A to Z challenge (which by my reckoning is only 26 day!!!)

THEN I found out A to Z doesn't count Sundays ---- say what????

Not wanting to change my plans, but being flexible this is what I've decided to do.......

I will do my own challenge but with some modifications

Calendar as follows (and there will be a linky on them if you want join)

Friday 1-Apr 7 Words A
Saturday 2-Apr 7 Words B
Sunday 3-Apr Journal Entry and Chapter in Bruce's Story - 2 separate posts
Monday 4-Apr 7 Words C
Tuesday 5-Apr 7 Words D
Wednesday 6-Apr 7 Words E
Thursday 7-Apr 7 Words F
Friday 8-Apr 7 Words G
Saturday 9-Apr 6 Words H
Sunday 10-Apr Journal Entry and Chapter in Bruce's Story - 2 separate posts
Monday 11-Apr 6 Words I
Tuesday 12-Apr 6 Words J
Wednesday 13-Apr 6 Words K
Thursday 14-Apr 6 Words L
Friday 15-Apr 6 Words M
Saturday 16-Apr 5 Words N
Sunday 17-Apr Journal Entry and Chapter in Bruce's Story - 2 separate posts
Monday 18-Apr 5 Words O
Tuesday 19-Apr 5 Words P
Wednesday 20-Apr 5 Words Q
Thursday 21-Apr 5 Words      R
Friday 22-Apr 4 Words S
Saturday 23-Apr 4 Words T
Sunday 24-Apr Journal Entry and Chapter in Bruce's Story - 2 separate posts
Monday 25-Apr 4 Words U
Tuesday 26-Apr 4 Words V
Wednesday 27-Apr 3 Words W
Thursday 28-Apr 3 Words X
Friday 29-Apr 3 Words Y
Saturday 30-Apr 2 Words Z
Sunday 1-May Journal Entry and Chapter in Bruce's Story - 2 separate posts
Monday 2-May 2 Words
Tuesday 3-May 1 Word

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Journal Entry 3/27/2016

Happy Sunday
Happy Easter

Another week in 2016 gone ---- my oh my how time flies!

I have been todl by a doctor that there is nothing wrong me = really? she asks...then why am I coughing all the time?BUT I am keeping a positive attitude and don't really care anymore if I'm sick!

I am exctieda bout April -   Josie2Shoes and I are going to do the AtoZ blogging thing with my 7,6,5,4,3,2,1 event.  I've already started thinking about posts!

Also - for those of you were here before, I am going to continue with the novel I was writing on this blog - Bruce's Story,  To play catch up you can go to the Fiction tab and read all the previous chapters.  I just feel like this story needs and ending!

Happy Spring to all ..... I actually planted new flowers!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Journal Entry 3/20/16

This has not been the greatest week - but it hasn't been the worst either.

I have been fighting some sort of illness for well over a week = sore throat, deep cough.

Finally have doctor's appointment for Monday afternoon - let's just hope something turns up.

I have now completed two different mind exercises - first one was 7 words in 7 days, and second was 5 words in 5 days.

 I am going to begin on April 1 with a 28 day challenge

7 words in 7 days
6 words in 6 days
5 words in 5 days
4 words in 4 days
3 words in 3 days
2 words in 2 days
1 word on last day

 I might set it up with a linky - haven't really decided yet Have a good week!

Friday, March 18, 2016

5 words in 5 days - Day 5

Take a breath and smile

Thursday, March 17, 2016

5 words in 5 days - Day 4

Waves always crash on shore

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

5 words 5 days - Day 3

Every storm has a rainbow

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

5 words in 5 days - Day 2

To thine ownself be true

Monday, March 14, 2016

5 words in 5 days - Day 1

I will be posting 5 words a day for the next 5 days - please feel free to link up!

 Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Journal Entry 3/13/16

Before I start my journal I want to say:  I am doing a 5 words in 5 days starting tomorrow 3/14/16
I will put in a linky if you want to do the same on your blog - if not, that's okay too!

This was not one of the greatest weeks of the year. I thought it would have been great seeing as how it was a short week for me - had taken Monday off.  It actually started on the right tune, but I got yet another sore throat on Thursday that has now turned into a cough AGAIN.  I feel like I have been on this merry go round since October - Strep Throat, Bronchitis, Sinus Infections,.....

I see no future at my current job, however the pay is good and it is tolerable. I don't really have the energy to look for something else. I have learned to just turn my emotions off once I walk in the door. I work the hours I am expected to and nothing more.

The biggest WOW moment of the week happened on Saturday morning when Michelle and I went to the farmers market. On the way home she told me that nothing was really working in her life and if it didnt get better she didn't see any point in being here.  NOW what do you say to that?  I called her about an hour later and told her I loved her very much and I would be really sad if she did anything to herself. She told me she wasn't going to do anything.  It is just so hard to watch a child go through so much anxiety, depression and stress and know that you cannot do a thing about it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Journal entry 3/6/16 + 2

I was on 'vacation' on Sunday and have just now returned to the 'real' world.

I decided that in this year of treating myself that I would rent a house on the beach and invite my friend whom I have known since I was 4 - what a great idea!

Well, first the House was actually 10 blocks from the beach
Second - my friend and I have very little in common anymore - in fact, I found her to be quite opinionated and demanding.

She spent the entire weekend on facebook looking up political stuff and talking, talking, talking.

I am rather a quiet person and have no problem just sitting and relaxing.

Also, I really wanted to spend some time on the beach - turns out she didn't  - she wanted to go shopping

Perhaps next time I will just take Trixy and spend a great day at the beach!

Is there something wrong with me? I have been on my own for all but 7 years of my life and I guess I am very tried in my ways.  Trixy and I had a great time just relaxing!!!!

Live and learn!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Happy March!

I am really having a hard time believing that 1/6th of the year is already gone and it feels like it just started. Do you think that is a sign of aging?

Oh well - - - image and saying of the day: