Sunday, November 20, 2016

Bruce's Story - Epilogue


July 15, 2020: Bruce looked in the mirror and stared at his fifty year old face. There were fine lines around his eyes and mouth. His skin had been permanently frosted and hardened by the sun.  He lifted his gaze from the mirror to outside. His morning view of the lake still amazed him after fifteen years of mornings. That lake had provided him sustenance and tranquility.  He knew that his solitary life was the only way he would ever live. His partners in life had four legs and he was settled with that. At the current moment there were three members of his household. He was never quite sure how they found him. His infrequent trips to town for supplies managed to attract all the strays.

Being self-sufficient, those trips became less often and less frequent. There was nothing that he needed that he couldn’t find from the land around him. Buying all the prime land around a lake afforded him the ability to build on each shore. Some of the houses were bare minimums and others had a few luxuries. He found himself most comfortable in those with minimal amenities.

Bruce knew that his lifestyle was not for everyone and that he would end up dying alone, but the truth was that he had lived his life alone since the day the boat set sail. The events that occurred thereafter set his destiny. Simplicity and serenity were all he sought.

For all of you who have witnessed this story unfold, it will be available in a pdf version under the title of the The Mirror.


  1. Ah, part of me is somewhat sad for Bruce, and yet I do see that it is absolutely a fitting conclusion for him. He went through so much and saw such betrayal, it's not surprising at all that he ended up alone. And I love that he is living simply... or perhaps; simply living. :)

    1. Thanks Les --- I really had finished his story - it is sad that a child ends up living a life he had not chosen because of actions of his parents.

  2. I am so eager now to read the book and tie it altogether in my mind! We often talk about people who have chosen as adults to live alone and more or less apart from others in their lives. The older I get the more I understand the attraction to that, and most definitely to a life of peaceful simplicity! Bruce has been through hell and back, I suspect he doesn't feel sad at all in his solitary lifestyle, I wish him blessings until his final breath, and then beyond!

  3. I also find myself wondering how many people actually end up living the life they plan as young people or young adults. Parents can be cripplers, so can partners, friends, enemies, and even circumstance. It is what the human spirit does with that which matters!


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