Wednesday, January 18, 2017



  1. Absolutely true! We have the ability to redirect our minds to a peaceful place. This needs to be taught from childhood on up! If we don't redirect, stress, anger, or sadness can overwhelm us and cause us to act in unhealthy ways.

  2. The power of thinking positively! I do this a lot, because I find a lot of our stress is fear based, and a lot of our fear is actually irrational. So many times we have the thought, "But if this happens, then....." and we don't finish the thought. We just leave it dangling there unknown, which causes the fear. But if you actually follow the thought to completion... "I'll lose my job, I wont' have money, rent will be due... etc." you've identified the fear. And once you do that you can redirect to problem solving. Then you feel like you are actually in charge of the situation.


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