Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Where or where

Joining my sis for Coffee Chat - come on over - grab a cup and let's sit for a while and chat!
Today we get to finish this sentence:
If I could go anywhere today:
I don't ever really have to think about this answer - - EVER!
My dream is to live with an ocean view - I love the sight, the smell and the sound of the ocean. The strangest thing is that I really cannot stand the FEEL of it --- I don't like sand in my feet, and I am not wild about the ocean itself. I think that most of that has to do with my childhood and being forced to go all the time as my brothers sailed. I learned how to swim in the ocean and let me tell you ---- if you think gulping and gasping for water is hard when you are learning to swim --- try it with salt water!!
For your viewing enjoyment:


  1. I would love to have an ocean view right next to you! I love walking on the wet sand at the water's edge; dry sand not so much. I'm not a swim in the water person either, I love it washing over my feet as I walk or sit in my chair, and I love, love the sound and the smell, and the beautiful mix of sea and sky in the morning and at sunset. Oh! Now you've got me missing the ocean yet again. I really do need to live closer to a beach than 550 miles away!! (My beloved husband always reminds me that we have plenty of "beach" here, just not any water... but it's not quite the same, SIGH)

  2. Yeah - we can have a beach house sister!!! :)
    I love everything about it - the sand, the salt water (although yeah, learning to swim in that would be difficult because I remember how much water my kids swallowed during those lessons!), the surf - everything!! Except seagulls. I mean I like them fine if they keep their distance, but they never do. LOL

  3. I want a beach view, too, but my beach is a mountain lake surrounded by pine trees and granite boulders. Hopefully no Sasquatch!

    Swimming in the ocean, however, is awesome. I've had the good fortune to swim in the Pacific, Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. All are good but I preferred the Caribbean, not so much the water but the rum and cokes brought out to the beach when you come back in from swimming and reach for your book!


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