Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday Fiction - Chapter 13

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The son monitored the mother’s safety and happiness over the next several weeks when finally he determined it was time to seek a way off this place. Setting off early in the morning, Bruce headed in the opposite direction of the beach. Dense bush existed, but he was sure there was something on the other side.

Mid-day he found a running stream. Gingerly he tasted the water and was shocked that it was fresh water, not the salt water that was nearer to the camp. He knew that with fresh water came different vegetation and wild life. Choosing to secure a place downstream, he camouflaged himself as well as he could and he waited.

Quite a bit of time passed before he heard them before he saw them. A sounder of wild boar approached, kicking up whatever was in their path. They reached the water’s edge, and much to Bruce’s amazement, they swiftly entered the water and appeared to be playing and swimming together. Being raised in the city, wild boar was not something Bruce was familiar with and was not sure if this was normal behavior or not.

Having their fill of water and playtime, the sounder moved on. Bruce did not see any means for capturing and or killing one of those beasts. He sat patiently awaiting other animals. Having dozed off, he was woken up by the sound of screeching. Gaining total consciousness he realized it had to be the sound of owls. They went from the soft “Hoot-hoot” to all out screeching. At that very moment he heard scurrying in the leaves around him. Uncertain what it was he gingerly stood up. Acclimating himself to the dark he began to make out the origination of the rustling.

A small family of rabbits was foraging for food under the leaves and the owls must have seen them. As one owl descended, screeching the entire plunge, the rabbits darted off in different directions. The owl honed in on a single animal and deftly swept it up in its claws. Bruce was both shocked and astounded. He’d heard this was the way of the wild, but he’d never been privy to it visually.

He had lost track of the other rabbits but he heard screeching nearby and assumed that another family member followed the same fate. Although the experience had shaken him, it gave him an idea on how to catch a rabbit. For weeks he had been eating nothing but nuts, berries, fruit and roots. His mouth watered at the thought of meat.

Bruce stayed in the same location for several days, observing the wild life and taking note of which plants and berries the animals ate off of. On the fourth day he set out his rabbit traps and stood back to watch. A few missed attempts later he had captured two rabbits. Pleased with himself he gathered his spoils and headed back towards his campsite.

Barbequed meat had never tasted as good as it did that night! Not only had he proven to himself that he could capture food, he managed to skin it and cook it as well. This was the first time in months that Bruce was happy to be alive.

He put the fire out and walked towards the beach to make sure his mother was still safe. He did not spot the fire from the distance and doubt crept into his sole. He moved quickly only to find the spot they had been in was empty. There was no sign of the people or his mother. All of the joy he had felt earlier dissipated into disappointment and self degradation. How could he have left her behind?

Hunkering down in the spot up wind of the beach location seemed to be the only solution to this dilemma. If he stayed there long enough they had to return. Right? Four nights passed with no sign of live. Bruce sank into a deep depression thinking that it was his fault his mother had vanished. Then on the fifth night all returned to frivolity and joviality on the beach. Nicole appeared happy and healthy. She again was smiling and talking to the people by her side. She remained a fixture at the head of the party.

Bruce’s relief flooded his entire being. He’d been worried for naught. She was safe and sound and more than that she was happy! Perhaps she had totally broken with reality and believed she was home amongst her family. What more could a son want for his mother than for her to be happy?

Now it was time for him to get off of this forsaken place and return to civilization.


  1. I can't imagine the emotional struggle of wanting to leave, and yet not being sure about leaving your mother behind. In the end, we all have to choose survival. If he finds a way off the island, he can come back for her if he is able. She is apparently happy with the new life she has now, and maybe that is better than what she would have if she returned home and came to the realization of all that had been lost in the storm. As always, waiting to see where this tale will head next!

    1. You summed it up perfectly!
      So glad I could convey the feelings as well of his struggle.

  2. oh he must be so divided indeed! I wonder if, when the time comes, he will be able to leave his mother -- if he finds a way off the island. she seems in a happier place at the moment -- but what if one day she realizes all she lost anyway?


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