Monday, March 21, 2016

Journal Entry 3/20/16

This has not been the greatest week - but it hasn't been the worst either.

I have been fighting some sort of illness for well over a week = sore throat, deep cough.

Finally have doctor's appointment for Monday afternoon - let's just hope something turns up.

I have now completed two different mind exercises - first one was 7 words in 7 days, and second was 5 words in 5 days.

 I am going to begin on April 1 with a 28 day challenge

7 words in 7 days
6 words in 6 days
5 words in 5 days
4 words in 4 days
3 words in 3 days
2 words in 2 days
1 word on last day

 I might set it up with a linky - haven't really decided yet Have a good week!


  1. I so hope they are able to pin down that bug and kill it off! Life requires enough energy on it's own without feeling crummy! I am with you on the mind over matter concept though. Let's start. Thinking it GONE and see if we can make it go away!

    I love your April words plan, now if you can tie them into the alphabet of the day you have the perfect A-Z theme and might introduce some new folks to BYG Adventures! I enjoyed doing it with you last week so much that I decided to go with it for A-Z too. :-)

  2. I love the quote you finished this post with! I use motivational quotes as a personal resource for comfort, encouragement, and sometimes even admonishment. When I share them, I am sharing them for me as much as for anyone else that might find them meaningful. "Like falling leaves..." what a beautiful description!

  3. I just had my 2nd cold in as many weeks too! Grrrr. Thankfully they have not lasted long at all. I guess it's just the Season for some lingering germs.

    Love this quote. I remind myself of this all the time, and yet I still have days that I feel lazy and guilty for taking time to myself. I hate the feeling that as an adult that I should have to justify my time spent - in any manner!


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