Sunday, May 1, 2016

Journal 5/1/16

Happy May Day!!!

This week has been a mixed bag of tricks......

Work is okay - found out I will have to travel to our plant in Mexico for the annual physical inventory. Will be there for a week.

Family life has gotten a bit rocky as my son (who has a 4 years old and an 11 month old) found out his wife was pregnant with another man's child.  Let's just sy things are a bit bumpy right now - and I am trying my best to stay positive and not guide him in the wrong direction.

so - let's just say my mind is not really 100% focused where I would like.  I probably will be intermittenly posting and unfortunately writing fiction is not happening right now.

I hope you all have a good week.


  1. I think it's pretty easy to understand that creative writing isn't on the front burner right now, life has thrown you enough "creative" curves at the moment. My heart goes out to your son and my prayers are with all of you. This is where your goal of staying positive this year can really make a difference. He needs your belief that everything will eventually work out ok. XOXO

  2. Did you ever wonder what life would be like if there wasn't drama in it? I have often pondered how that might be, not sure it ever happens in the realm of parenthood though. ;-)

  3. Oh dear, that must be a shell shock for sure. An old friend of mine was the wife who did that to her husband, and suffice to say, I didn't remain friends with her much longer. Not out of judgement - she was just plain ole mean to people. Hopefully this is a better scenario and everything works out okay for you son.

    I guess Mexico will more of work, than vacation? Too bad my work didn't send me to Mexico!! But then, I'd be too tempted not to work. Ha.

    1. lol.... Mexico is definitely work - and I'm going to be there for 6 days ---ugh!!!


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