Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday Journal 5/15/16

Today I have been a mother for 27 years!  Holy cow!  He is old.....

As the new reality of life slowly settles in we will return to a new set of norms.....

There is a long road ahead, but we have our feet firmly planted on the road - no deviations.

Until the ride is less shaky - fiction is not forefront in my mind.  I humbly apologize for the delay in completing Bruce's story - let's just say it is completely written in my mind!


  1. Twenty seven incredible years of life, involving far more than one could create as fiction, and still here we are, standing strong and moving forward. My oldest just turned 41! Now THAT makes me feel ancient because I remember myself being this age so well, yet her life has been far different than mine. Sending positive thoughts and prayers for a calm week ahead, and a never ending believe that all will be ok. XOXO

  2. 27 years!! I wonder how my mom feels now that I just turned 45!!! We both just had some great time at Girl Guide camp together and it was really fun to remember back to when I used to attend.


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