Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bag me now!

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Time to Ponder yet again.  You know the drill... I post a prompt that has multiple meanings and we get see what you write! Add you post to the linky and wait for the magic!!

(If you want to send me words that you would like us all to ponder - please feel free to do so!)

Today's word is BAG (you can always grab the prompt early by visiting the Pondering Page

Has your city made it mandatory to bring your own bags to the grocery store? Personally I understand the 'need' to do away with plastic bags, but I thought paper bags were made from recycled paper - so what is the difference if we use those or reusable bags that retain all the juices, stains, spills and odors from their earlier uses?

Then of course there is a 'bag lady' often characterized as person who pushed a cart full of bags

And then there are the dresses that fit like bags:

And then my absolute favorite:

Those darn bags under our eyes!!!!

Sometimes purses are called bags or hand bags (hello---how else do you hold a bag??)

There are baggy pants and baggies --- but this list could go on for a very long time.

Happy Pondering and welcome to another fun year!!

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  1. Every time I bring my own bags to the supermarket, they put a stamp on a card, and when there are 20 stamps on the card, they make a 100 yen discount. I always take my own bags there.

  2. I remember baggy pants and dresses. I am amazed at how some of the pants actually stayed on.

    1. I still don't understand how the pants stay on that are so baggy they sag!

  3. I'm big on recycling and also using the cloth bags for groceries. If I end up with some of those plastic bags (for overruns), then I recycle them at the store on my next trip. Are baggy pants back in?

    1. Linda, I recycle plastic bags and doggy doo doo bags
      and I do think baggy pants are back!

  4. we actually have to PAY for bags at the grocery store. I think it's something like 5 cents -- but if you need like 8 bags, like I did once when I forgot my reusable -- it could add up over several months.
    Our church has a program where you can bring your plastic bags in, and this lady from Africa weaves them into baskets or even sleeping mats!! They actually look cool and kinda beautiful when they are done.
    Things are changing a bit on my blog -- but I am going to try and participate every now and then: just probably not every week. but I will always drop by -- because I'd miss you too much otherwise. :)

    1. Before I moved here I was charged for every bag as well. It was nice to go back to having them give me bags, but I think by the end of July we are going to 'pay' for bags too.

      Thanks for stopping by..... <3


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