Sunday, July 24, 2016

Bruces Story - Chapter 33

When Bruce was discovered, it was really quite by accident. The helicopters had been concentrating on the Amazon riverbanks. But when they saw a glimmering light from beyond their normal purview, they sought it out. Unfortunately the first time they saw it they were not able to hone onto it. The second time was the same, but the third time they were successful in locating where the signal came from. They managed to shine a beam down and therein found Bruce. Unfortunately they had been so far out of their realm of normal charter that they had not identified the exact location of the island where Bruce was found. 

Joe and Matt were recruited into the recreation of Bruce’s location and all of the charts, graphs and location points were identified for the night in question. The coordinates were obtained and Bruce decided that he wanted to go back and find his mother. That was really his only hope at finding out his history as well as Monica’s.

The team decided that it would invest one day to search the coordinates and see if they were indeed the island Bruce had been stranded on for seven years. The helicopter took off right before dawn and made the trip to the location indicated. Once they were above the landmass Bruce and Matt launched them out of the helicopter towards the island.  Once on shore Bruce tried to get his bearings and determine if this was in fact the correct island. Looking towards Matt he asked, “How long ago did you rescue me?”

Matt thought about it and answered, “I think it has been over six months, but certainly not a full year.”

“What month is it now?” Bruce asked.

“August 2000.”

“Wow!” Bruce exclaimed. That means it’s been nine months since I was here. I wonder if any of my markings are still intact.”

Matt asked, “Does anything look familiar to you?”

“Not really.”

The two men had brought enough gear with them to spend a week on the island. The communication device between Joe and Matt had been set up and Joe would check on the two men three times a day.

Bruce led the way to where he thought he had set the fire those many months before.  By the end of the second day, after many hours of walking, Bruce thought the expedition to be hopeless. But as the sun rose on the third day and the men turned the corner, they saw what looked like the remnants of Bruce’s shelter tucked way into the cove.  They apprehensively approached it and once entering the tiny enclave Bruce ascertained that it was indeed his. This discovery turned Bruce’s doubt into hope.

That night, the two men crept to the other side, where Nicole had last been seen, to see if there was any sight of the tribe or Nicole. The first night proved futility as no one appeared; however on the second night a group of people appeared on the beach, as Bruce had seen in the past, and started dancing and singing. Bruce was disappointed as there was no sign of Nicole.

Quietly following the natives back from the beach Matt and Bruce advanced to their home camp. Bruce was amazed at the structures and civilization that lay in front of him. He had expected some sort of primitive civilization; but what he saw was houses, roads, gardens and structure.  This was definitely not a primitive or temporary society. Although the dress was primitive, the people did not appear to be.

Uncertain of their next move, the two men stayed on the periphery and just observed. This was their fifth day and they needed to make contact and get back to the pickup point within two days.  The next morning Bruce saw a woman make her way to the water near the center of the village. It appeared as if this area was set aside for bathing and washing. Bruce recognized his mother immediately, but he could not comprehend that she was carrying a baby. Was she watching someone else’s child or was this her own?


  1. Oh the plot indeed thickens!!! If it is her baby, could that mean that she has found true happiness on the island? That would be nice.

  2. Wow, so much has happened in this chapter! They found the island coordinates, then Bruce finds proof it's the one he was stranded on, then they find the tribe he remembered, and at the end sees his mother... with a baby!! And now you are going to make us wait a whole week for more information?? ARGH!! :-)

    1. You could always go back and start over and by the time you get to here the next chapter will be available. :)


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