Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday Journal 7/24/16

I have come to many conclusions this week:

1.  If people are reading this blog they are not commenting - and that's ok
2.  I have to appreciate all that I have and stop worrying about the future.
3.  My life is much better than others and I should be grateful
4.  My job is just that - a job! A means to an end and I should not get persoannly involved in it.
5.  Destiny has a way of proving itself.

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  1. According to the stats, more people read my posts than comment on them, probably because I don't find the time or energy to do much commenting myself. I am ok with that too, I don't really blog for audience, I blog for me. It is truly hard not to worry about the future, yet we have to trust that it's going to work out ok. I learned #4 years back, I care, but I don't invest or involve myself with my coworkers beyond what work requires, because I've learned that rarely works out well for me. My trust level is at a -5 in that area. It is hard not to take the things other people say personally, even when we know they are unenlightened. I hope that destiny has a way of proving itself to work in our favor, I still have hope! Here's to a better, saner week ahead for both of us. One foot in front of the other... XOXO


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