Monday, March 27, 2017

Old you or future you

So as I was driving (we won't even begin to talk about that one!) into work this morning (in the very wee hours of the day) there was a radio ad.  The premise is that their company doesn't make you make difficult choices like : Who would you prefer to spend a day fishing with:  Your past self or your future self.

I know it was just a commercial but - what would your answer be?

I thought about it being my past self and then realized I really wasn't a very happy, content or satisfied past self and if I was going to spend the day fishing with her She would probably be sitting there thinking about all of the other things she needed to be doing, or wanted to be doing and not be sitting there as good company. Whereas I am hoping that my future self would be much more content in her surroundings and enjoy the moments as they occurred.  I can imagine sitting in a boat enjoying the quiet, the soft lapping of the water against the side of the boat, the gentle sway of my hair as a soft breeze saunters by.  That would be a much more enjoyable person to spend a day with.

How about you?


  1. Wow! This one made me think too, and was pretty convicting. I tend to always have gerbils running in the wheel in my head and I have to really work at being in the moment and enjoying it. I am often focused on what else needs to be done or what I feel guilty about not doing, and sometimes find myself forgetting to breathe. In answer to the question, I would have to say the same as you. My old self was so uptight that she wasn't really much fun to be around, pretty demanding and judgmental, always wanting to be in control because I felt safest that way. As I get older, I am slowly learning to stress less, let it go, breathe, and enjoy what I am doing now instead of thinking about the next thing. I would love to spend a day fishing, or visiting, or even doing nothing but crocheting or reading and not feel guilty. I think I see life more lightly now, and would make better company too, but I can't promise that I wouldn't talk until I lost my voice! That's just me and not likely to change. :-))

    1. and I don't think I would want you to change! <3

  2. I am very much about being in the Present - so it's highly unlikely that I will run into the past. I don't normally worry about the future too much either, but in the context I can probably say with confidence that my future self will still have that idea of "Being Present" - so it's going fishing! Although, if we all go, we have a better chance of catching fish!! LOL


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