Sunday, March 26, 2017

Six Sentence Stories

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"Do you always have to point out what I am doing wrong," She asked with tear filled eyes.  "Isn't there anything I ever do that is right or good?"
He opened his arms for her to fall into and replied, "Of course there are. There are many things that are perfect."

He led her around the house and made sure to point at every single picture of their children. "I see perfection everywhere I look."

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  1. What a sweet story! I could feel her frustration and the wonderful comfort he provided by showing her that he was aware of the many things she also did right. We all need this kind of confirmation from those we care about, we are well aware of our own personal lists of shortcomings. Thanks for joining us this week! :-)

  2. Honey draws more flies than vinegar - someone should tell him that! Accentuate the positive.

  3. Very nice Six!
    To engage the reader so immediately, and to have the ending leave us thinking... very cool,

    Welcome to the Six Sentence Story 'hop!

  4. You filled your six short sentences with so much emotion. Absolutely delightful and a great contribution to 6SS.

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  5. At first I didn't like him at all. But then. . . . I supposed she could still fall into his arms for comfort so he couldn't be all bad - maybe just a little too picky. Children are perfectly imperfect beings, just like the rest of us. Hope you come back and join next week.

  6. It is good that the penny finally dropped for him and he realized that she contributed in so many ways that perhaps he had overlooked until now. Men often think that by escaping to work they are also contributing but in fact they are missing out on what making a family work really means.

  7. I have often thought what have I achieved in my life . And the answer is often , not much. But now I will think differently. I have nine amazing children, twenty three wonderful grandchildren and two awesome great grandchildren, all of whom are beautiful loving human beings. That is a lot.
    Thank you Brenda . x


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