Tuesday, September 2, 2014


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Bruce's birthday party was an enormous success. It was not apparent that Nick and Nicole had fought earlier in the day. They enjoyed their family and friends and invested their time on Bruce. The after party clean up went smoothly as Nick did the yard and Nicole did the kitchen. By the time the day ended they were both too tired to discuss anything.

Monday morning arrived and Nick awoke early. He made coffee and breakfast for Nicole and as she sat down at the table he said, "We need to talk."

Nicole looked at him and asked, "About what?"

"About me being the target of your anger and distrust. I have not done anything to deceive you and I don't really understand why you believe I have. I think there is something much deeper going on with you and it is just easiest to blame me."

"Okay," She responded.

"Okay? What is that supposed to mean?"

She looked at him and said, "I hear what you're saying. You're entitled to your opinion and okay. I know you don't think you've deceived me, but I think otherwise. I am still very hurt that you did not make it to the hospital when I was in labor. I don't believe the story you told. I suppose I have to get over that. I think that is where this anger is coming from. When I think about it; I get angry and of course you are the target of that anger."

"What can I do to prove anything to you?" Bruce asked. "Have I not been a good husband, father and provider since Bruce arrived?"

She looked above his head to the left and thought about his question. "I'm not sure you can do anything. I think it is all about me and the betrayal I felt that day. I just can't seem to let go." She stopped and looked at him. "I know you are a good father and husband; there are just times when I forget."

"Do you think it would be good for us to go talk to someone about it?" He suggested

She emphatically said, "No. I can handle this and will try to get better."

He said, "Okay, we can try it your way, but if I feel like I am being a target again I am going to insist that we do something."

"That's fair," she replied. "Will you be home tonight?"

"Yes," he said. "I'm working out of the office today and leave for Bismark tomorrow."

Linking up with my friend Josie at Two Shoes Tuesday where today's prompts were target or deceive.

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  1. This puts an interesting twist on the story as it been told so far. It leads us to question whether it is Nicole that is being overly-suspicious and resentful, of if in fact there are secrets with Nick's behavior that she senses... only time will tell... we will stay tune! :-)

    1. glad I managed to accomplish that is 5 short chapters :)
      I guess we will have to wait and see what happens in the Nick's life~!

  2. Hmmm.... I don't think Nicole can deal with this on her own without someone professional to help her out. However, like Josie, we don't know if Nick has something to hide, or if he is the victim. Such fun!

  3. I just hope the prompt words next week suit the serials here. Being the sole male contributor I should feel a little hemmed in if it wasn't for my own piece in the same vein!

  4. I think they will need some help. This is gonna get interesting though!! :)

  5. For the husband to bring up therapy and be so open means, to me, that he really is sorry and wants the relationship to work. Maybe her anger is manipulative?


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