Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Fiction Ch 5 - Trouble is brewing

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Nick did not want to disappoint Nicole again. He knew that when he had missed the baby's birth Nicole was deciding if she should stay or leave. He really did love her and their son made every day a joy. He sat on the bench at the airport trying to come up with a way to get back to Nebraska. The drive would take almost ten hours and that would mean he would have torent a car.

Luckily he was at an airport that 
rental car kiosks. As he made his way over in that direction he could see the crowds around the counters. Apparently he was not the only one who was ready to leave the airport. By the time he made it to the front it was two o'clock; he knew then that he would end up driving all night. That was if he even could get a car.

"I'm sorry sir, but the only vehicles he have available are a mini-van or a jaguar. There are no
economy or standard rate cars available."

"I'll take the jaguar. It is a one way trip and will be returned in Omaha tomorrow."

He filled out all the paperwork, called Nicole and told her he was on his way and that he would probably be home around three A.M., and he got into the car.

Driving all night was exhausting and by the time he pulled into the driveway he was ready to go to bed. Walking up the stairs he heard screaming. Nicole was pacing in the nursery with a screaming Bruce on her shoulder.  "Want some help?" Nick asked as he entered the room.

Relief washed over Nicole's face as she handed the baby over. Nick began talking soothingly to Bruce and he calmed down. "How long's this been going on?"

"Over and hour," she answered. "He woke up screaming and there was nothing I could do to calm him down. I've tried everything short of putting him in the car and going for a drive."

"Maybe he had a bad dream," Nick said. "He seems to be calming a bit now. Do you think we could lay on the bed with him? I'm totally wiped out."

"Of course," she nodded. "Do you want to give him back to me?"

"No, I'm okay with him and does seem to be settling. He might fall asleep with me. What time's the party?"

"I've told everyone one o'clock; that way Bruce will have had his nap and we should be able to have fun."

"What do you need me to do?" He asked, already lying flat on his back on their bed.

"I'll let you know in the morning. Go ahead and get some sleep now."

Sunlight was creeping inside the bedroom when Nick awoke to the high pitch sound of Nicole’s screeching. Finding himself fully awake he threw back the covers and raced down the stairs to see what happened. He saw that the front door was open so he automatically assumed Bruce had gotten into trouble in the front. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

“What is this!” Nicole demanded, pointing at the Jaguar. “You travel for business and rather than spending any extra money or time with your family you buy an expensive toy for yourself?”

“What?” Nick started to ask but was interrupted.

“I don’t understand anymore Nicholas. I gave up my job, my life, everything to become your wife and mother to your son. Do you even thank me? No! You don’t. And then to top things off, rather than doing something special on the one year anniversary of our son’s birth, you go buy yourself something. You are the most selfish, egotistical man I have ever met!”

Nick just shook his head and asked, “Are you done now?”

“Done? I haven’t even gotten started!”

“Well you might want to pause a bit when you find out that I do not own that jaguar. It was the only vehicle left to rent from the car rental place. I did not want to miss this day and decided it was a necessary evil.”

Nicole’s mouth formed the perfect ‘o’ as she said, “I don’t believe you.”

“Why not?”

“You have lied to me over and over again about where you are, what you’re doing, who you’re with and this is just one more lie.”

Nick sat down on the front step. “Do you really think that I am putting myself first before our family? Do you think I like going away every week and coming home dog tired? Have you ever thought that I am doing it all for you and Bruce. I want you to have all the nice things I can give you and without working that would be impossible.”

“You know what Nick; I’m way too tired to fight anymore. Do whatever you want. I have a party to get ready for.”

Nick watched Nicole walk into the house and put his head in his hand. "I hate it when she gets into these moods," he thought to himself. 


  1. We got some serious stuff going on with these two, Brenda.

    1. Oh yes, Linda we do. But isn't that what life is all about?

  2. One would think Nick would have told her that he was on his way home in a Jaguar no less, and she would have been grateful he had found a way to get home in time. It seems to me that, as is so true in many relationships, they work against each other instead of together. They have a history of making each other unhappy and there seems to be no trust left. I am wondering if this is repairable, if forgiveness can happen, and if the relationship will begin to grow. We know they are still together in later years, so something good has to happen somewhere... or else they lived miserably together for all those years (and there is a lot of that in life too). Curious! Great story building here, Brenda, it is hard not to get emotionally involved. I'd like to sit them both down for a good lecture!

    1. LOL.... their lives are definitely evolving!

  3. Hubby away all the time so that he can provide nice things for his family, vs. hubby and father at home much more often so that he can provide his family with HIM. Oh, do I get that battle. it's so hard. such a fine line between away too much, and deciding what is actually important. they got a tough road.


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