Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Drawing in the Sand?

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Bruce work up with a start; trying to gain his bearings and determine where he was. He heard some sort of bird screeching and he knew he was cold. Sitting up he saw his mother still asleep next to him and the what remained of the fire he had started the night before. It didn't take long for him to remember where he was and what was going on.

The first thing he did was create a large drawing that an airplane could see with the letters H-E-L-P. Doing that he figured that if anyone was looking for them it would be spotted. He really had no idea where this island was located; and how far off course their boat had drifted. All he knew is that they had set out from the tip of Florida and had chartered a course for Bermuda.

Not wanting to leave his mother alone he scanned the surrounding area. There was a potion of thick jungle to one side and what appeared to be a rocky beach area in the other direction. Looking from his perspective he could see large cliffs overshadowing the rocky beach. He didn't think that he would find any provisions on the beach so he headed off to the jungle, but only as far as he could see his mother.

Gathering wood and leaves he looked around for any type of wild life. Seeing nothing he decided to go back to their area and see if he could build a shelter out of what he had gathered. That was when he determined that going to the beach area was a better idea as he could use the side of the cliff as a backdrop for their 'home'.

Trying to rouse his mother was useless.  He needed to find food and he needed to build shelter and he was all alone.


  1. I hope Bruce will be able to find food on the island.

  2. I can help build a shelter! I totally know how to do all this --- I've watched so many episodes of Wild with Bear Grylls! ha. using the cliff as the "back" is the absolute smartest move. I have a lot of faith in this Bruce

  3. My heart goes out to Bruce, who has all this responsibility for survival on his shoulders, while worrying about his mom and dealing with the emotions of those left behind. I'm sure he is functioning on auto-pilot at the moment, but I suspect it will catch up with him. At least he is doing all the right things, he knows survival skills! This story is getting more and more interesting as we go along! Thank you for sharing updates with us at Two Shoes Tuesday! :-)

  4. Food is not quite so important as water at the moment let's hope he can find some.

  5. Oh, my...poor Nicole. And poor Bruce, who now has to figure out how to survive.

  6. Looking forward to reading the outcome.


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