Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Family Time

I am again joining Josie at Two Shoes Tuesday as she celebrates her 100th week! Josie posts prompts and then we write about them. In this case she has given us the opportunity to choose our own word and I am going with Family. (It seems appropriate for the ongoing novel that is being presented on Tuesdays and Sundays.

To read the first 8 chapters, please go to the fiction page

Bruce surveyed the sitution from on deck and determined there was no way to get to the land mass without getting in the water. He looked at his mom and said, "Mom, it's water time!"

Nicole smiled up at her son and said, "I remember that day as if it were yesterday. The whole family was together, we were celebrating your birthday and there were so many bodies in the pool!"

Bruce reminisced and agreed, "Yeah, that was one of the greatest days ever. But don't worry Mom, we are going to get out of this."

"What about Adriana?"

"We'll have to come back and get her," he answered.


Bruce looked around the wreckage that surrounded to him to see if he could locate any type of flotation device. Everything that had been loose on deck had gone overboard so he headed back into the cabin to see what he could find. He finally decided that the cushions would have to do, but if he could just figure some way to tie them together. He remembered watching some movie when he was younger where a prisoner tore a sheet into strips to make a rope. There were no sheets down there, but there were towels. He quickly set to tearing the towels into strips and tied them together into one long string. Then he wrapped the string around the cushions and attached them all to each other to make a strand of cushions.

While he had been doing that Nicole had been watching, not saying a word.

He went over to her and said, "Mom, we are going to use this to get to that land over there. I need you to hold onto one of these cushions like your life depended on it; which is in fact true."

She nodded and grabbed one. Then he grabbed another one and said, "We are going to jump in together and stick together until we get there."

"Ok Nick," she said, looking directly at Bruce.

It was at that moment that Bruce realized his mother was not fully there.

to be continued.....


  1. Yipes.... breathlessly waiting for more, Brenda.

  2. It is interesting to see two different reactions to an emergency. The freezing up not being able to cope is probably quite alien to many of us. Luckily Bruce is thinking straight.

  3. Ahh, in a splash you have brought us back to the present in this story, and the drama begins to unfold. Bruce, thankfully, is in survival mode and is taking charge. His mother is clearly dazed and bewildered by all that has transpired, and who can blame her. Hopefully he will be able to get her safely to shore. I love this story, Brenda, and I thank you so much for ramping it up again for our special Two Shoes Tuesday edition! :-)

  4. I always enjoy reading your fiction. Taking care of aging parents in any situation - but especially this one - is difficult. I'm worried about Adrianna. Looking forward to more.

  5. You always leave us wondering...good writing.

  6. oh goodness -- tie a rope around your waist and her waist too Nick!! I fear mom is not going to hang on very tight!


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