Thursday, November 13, 2014

Web, web, web

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Time to Ponder yet again.  You know the drill... I post a prompt that has multiple meanings and we get see what you write! Add you post to the linky and wait for the magic!!

(If you want to send me words that you would like us all to ponder - please feel free to do so!)

Today's word is WEB (you can always grab the prompt early by visiting the Pondering Page

OKAY - I am not talking about the world wide WEB - however I am sure all you computer junkies thought of that first.

I was originally thinking about a spider web and how those nasty things are invisible until you walk through it. Or there are those that are beautiful with a beautiful spider in the middle. It makes me glad I am not an insect - wouldn't want to mess up the beauty.
 and of course there are those that actually show you what the weather is

The other web I think of is the web of deceit that so many people I know spin. Seriously how do they keep track of all the lies? Well the truth is they don't and we honest people see right through it!

Now there is material that has webbing in it - so those little parts are webs - and last week's prompt of screen can also be a sort of web.

What do you think?

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  1. Some spider webs look beautiful, like the ones in your photos.
    I also thought of the webs of water birds.

  2. I am so glad we are on the same page. Thanks for the ponder!

  3. One day I am going to capture a great photograph of water droplets on a web!!! It just looks so beautiful.
    I was tangled up in the big web of mall early Christmas shoppers today!! But I made it still! :)

    1. Good thing you made it out in one piece~

  4. I have a box of string that has merged itself into a web of insanity that I gave up on earlier today and chucked the whole thing rather than cut her and there to untangle it. Great word!

    1. That seems to be something that gremlins do in the middle of the night

  5. Great topic!
    I wrote a post, but find that the link has expired...
    Sharing it here for you-


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