Thursday, February 12, 2015

To be a brute or not to be

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Time to Ponder yet again.  You know the drill... I post a prompt that has multiple meanings and we get see what you write! Add you post to the linky and wait for the magic!!

(If you want to send me words that you would like us all to ponder - please feel free to do so!)

Today's word is BRUTE (you can always grab the prompt early by visiting the Pondering Page

I think of strength when I think of Brute.
It is like Brute force ---but then I wander (ponder) off to Brutus - that is an old Roman name and I am thinking it too meant strength (now how would you know when a child is born that he is going to be strong?)

And then there is just a brute - that is a mean spirited person - sort of like a bully only stronger!

This is what I found when I looked for images under Brute:

Image result for brute   Image result for brute

Image result for brute
Not really sure what this is!

How about you...what does this word conjure up?

Happy Pondering


  1. There was even a Brutus in the Popeye cartoons.

  2. Love your images of Brute, Brenda.

  3. First time linking up. Thanks for hosting. Hope you have a good day.

  4. I was going to Ponder this week.. and this word just got me stuck. Besides strength, all I could think of was this cologne I remember my grandfather wearing, and I swear it was called "Brut" ?????
    The Lion King picture is interesting because it represents both definitions: Simba is brute strength, and Scar is just a brute bully. :)


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