Sunday, April 24, 2016

Bruces Story - Chapter 26

October 5, 1963 Amanda went to her first high school football game. She had told Cindy earlier in the week that she would be going, but the reaction from the popular girl was lukewarm. Amanda’s inner fear could not and would not over power the anticipation. This was the first time anyone had noticed and invited her anywhere in a very long time. It didn’t seem to bother her that Cindy had not really spoken another work to her since the day she introduced herself; in fact, she basically pretended she didn’t exist.

After school on that special day Amanda headed for the football field. She scanned the bleachers looking for her new friend, but did not see her anywhere.  She noticed the stands filling up and decided to take a seat in the front row which would enable her to see Cindy arrive.

Cindy, along with six other girls arrived right before the game was supposed to start and she immediately noticed Amanda in the front row. “Hey Amanda,” She greeted her, “Thanks for saving us seats.”

The seven girls all started to fit into the little span of space that was available on the row when one of them turned towards Amanda and said, “Can you leave please? There is not enough room for you.”

Shocked, Amanda stood up and went to look for another seat. Glancing back towards the girls she saw them all giggling. She was sure they were making fun of her.  She found another front row seat, but it was right behind the goal post and it turned out to be the opposite teams goal post. She sat through the whole game and really had no idea what she was watching, but didn’t really want to make a spectacle of herself by standing up and leaving.

She got home a little before 7:00 and tried to make some sort of a dinner. Her head hurt, her stomach hurt and she was clearly upset. Emily never said a word or asked where she’d been or what was wrong.

Monday morning came around and Amanda forced herself to get up and go to school. She was determined not to let Cindy fool her again. It was a cold morning and it seemed like it took extra long to get to school. She barely made it to her locker before the morning bell rang.  Spinning around quickly she didn’t notice there was a boy behind her. She ran smack into him and her books scattered everywhere.

Embarrassed, she gathered her books together without making eye contact and murmured a soft, “Sorry.”

“It’s no problem. I always like to run into pretty girls first thing on a Monday morning. Starts my week off perfectly!”

Amanda looked up and was face to face with a boy with green eyes and a perfect smile. “My name is Sam, Sam Patterson. I noticed you at the football game last week, and I think we have a couple of classes together.”

Amanda simply said, “Oh.”

Sam said, “Ok, I’ll see you around.”

Amanda went to class in a sort of haze. Home room was first and after fifteen minutes she was  back in the hall going to English. Suddenly Sam appeared next to her and said, “Can I carry your books for you? We are both going the same way.”

She handed over her books and asked, “We have the same English class?”

“Yes we do.”

After class Sam again asked to walk her to her next class.  Amanda asked, “Why are you doing this? I don’t even know you.”

Sam smiled and said, “Let’s just say I really didn’t like the way you were treated last Friday.”

At the end of the day Amanda was by her locker and Cindy walked up. “Hi Amanda, what happened to you at the game? I looked for you when it was over to see if you wanted to go to the pop shop but you were gone.”

Amanda glared at Cindy and said, “Oh really! How nice of you.”

Shocked, Cindy asked, “What was that supposed to mean?”

“Cindy, I don’t know what your game is, and I don’t have a lot of friends, but honestly you are the last person I will ever call a friend.” Amanda slammed her locker shut only to discover that Sam had been listening to the whole thing. Her face turned bright red.

“Amanda, is this loser giving you trouble?” Sam asked.

Wide eyed Cindy looked at Amanda and asked, “You know Sam Patterson?”

Unbeknownst to Amanda, Sam Patterson was the dreamy quarterback Cindy had been referring to. Cindy’s crush for Sam dated back to Junior High School. She had tried to become the most popular girl in school so that he would notice her. Unfortunately for her, Sam had noticed her and had witnessed what happened at the game when Cindy used Amanda.  He had been watching Amanda from afar and had noticed her metamorphosis over the past twelve months. He liked the fact that she kept to herself, did not stir up any trouble and was beautiful. He noticed her arrive at the game and used it as an excuse to talk to her.

When Cindy asked the question it was Sam that answered. “Yes, Cindy, Amanda knows me and unfortunately for you, I know who and what you are.”


  1. Excellent! These kind of high school scenarios are too familiar too me, and I am delighted that Sam saw what was going on and came to her rescue. It only takes one sincere friend to make all the difference, and to make the others bearable.
    from Josie's Journal

  2. ooooooh!!!! Girl got served!! Ha.
    Love this chapter.


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