Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday Journal 4/10/16

What a week!!!
Let me start by saying that it was probably one of the best weeks of this year so far. There are so many different things going on right now I feel like I am juggling eggs in the air (and why do I think that is a new thing?)

Work has taken a totally different turn as I now have no emotions there and it is just a job. That is not saying I don't give 110% because I do, and it is not saying that I am not cultivating friendships there, because I do. But when I walk out of the door at the end of the day it is over.  I no longer bring it home with me.

Blogging this week has been extremely fun as I am able to maintain my positivity through two different challenges.  The first one is A to Z and I obviously misinterpreted the meaning. I thought the post had to start with that specific letter, so that is what I have been doing and along the way I am following my own challenge of 7,6,5,4,3,2,1 - - It has been really fun!

And then of course there is my reacquaintance with my old buddy Bruce Patterson - so a riveting story!  I am only hoping that the second half is worthy of the first.

Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead . . . and just one thought to get you through:


  1. What an awesome journal update! It's always surprising when we can look back and say "this was a pretty good week"! And of course that builds momentum for the coming week. I agree about jobs, they are not our lives, they are our way of earning income for our life. I am ok with mine, most days, and like you I give 110% to the job and my work relationships there, but I work hard to maintain separation between it and my time off or the stress and all the client sadness would eat me alive. I think you're doing great with our combined A-Z and 7/6/5/4/3/2/1 Challenge, I'm having fun doing it with you, saying things in a set amount of words is far more challenging than choosing a word for the A-Z! Now I'm headed over to your next post to see what Bruce has been up to since we last left him! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! XOXO

    1. You are soooo right!
      It is very challenging to say things in very few words. I might have to come up with a new challenge!

    2. I hope you do, challenges are fun and they motivate me to blog! :-)

  2. You're doing great in your challenges. Some wonderful truth nuggets you have been sharing with all of us. I remember back to the very day I made that decision about work - that it would no longer following me home. And then I think I was pregnant short after -- and didn't ever go back! But I like to think I would still be able to commit to that mentality once I do work outside the home again.


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