Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday Journal 4/24/16

First let me say - I can't believe we are 1/3 of the way through 2016 and I have managed to stay consistent with journals and positivity......YES that is my arm breaking to pat myself on the back !

Work life is slowly reaching a rhythm that is tolerable - I go in early, I leave early, I get my work done.

I got a flat tire on the way to work one morning and let me just say - that put a major kink in the day but I handled it, got over it, and moved on.

Home front has been quiet = no kids living here this week and it was really nice to leave a house in one condition and come home after work and it was still in the same condition!

Hope you all have a great week!

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  1. Wow, I hadn't realized that the year is almost a third done. Remember being a child and time seemed to pass so slowly? You have done an amazing job of staying positive and keeping on, and it encourages me to do that too! I thought you handled the tire problem with considerable calm, and likely far fewer bad words than I might have used! I am less resilient than I used to be, and it doesn't take as much to rattle me. You did it right, staying calm and focused on what to do to get it taken care of. I am glad you got to work safely that morning despite the setback. I am smiling at your nice quiet house, such a difference from having little ones there. I don't do well with houseguests, my furkids cause enough commotion all on their own. :-). Have a truly good week ahead, we are in the home stretch for the A-Z and you've done a great job on that too!
    from Josie's Journal


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