Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday Journal 4/17/16

Can we say disaster at work???
I was in charge of two big program changes this week - one went in last Sunday and the other one went in on Thursday night.  Let's just say they have both been removed and it caused an awful lot of extra work for people!

Everyone was really understanding - after all we had thoroughly tested everything and sometimes these things happen. But the perfectionist inside of me is very disappointed in myself.  That is going to be my next major positivity challenge - learning to accept mistakes might not be my own and move forward.

Have a great week


  1. I noticed you were being pretty quiet, so I suspected there was a struggle on some level. It is so easy to feel defeated and down on ourselves when things don't go right despite our best efforts - but that's the thing to focus on. I know you well enough to know you tried very hard, life just has its share of setbacks. All we can do is try to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it, and sometimes we can't and then we just have to take a deep breath and move on. I hope you'll get those things straightened out in no time, so you can get back to smelling the flowers... and avoiding those alligators! XOXO
    from Josie's Journal

  2. Oh no! Technology really is not to be trusted at all. Things are supposed to work, and often, they do not. Sorry it happened to you, but I love your outlook about it.


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