Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Joining my sis for Coffee Chat - come on over - grab a cup and let's sit for a while and chat!

Today Les is posing the question of what would we buy for a new spring outfit.

I am always drawn to frilly things; yet I never buy them. I am a very practical shopper (and clothes wearer) - but of late - and I mean for the past 5 years - I am loving leggings and tunics - the longer the better!  It took me a while to jump on the leggings wagon, but now that I'm on you're going to have to throw me off!

and the longer the shirt - to cover me up the better --- it is sort of like I would have fit perfectly into the victorian era where nothing was visible.

Happy Spring 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks - me too - but they are just fantasies - I don't own any of them!

  2. Beautiful choices and I can see you wearing them and looking beautiful! Can you wear them to work? I love, love long tunics and soft gauzy shirts, peasant style, but my body wasn't built for leggings... ugh! I am all about loose comfort!

    1. I love these - but I don't own any of them!
      And I guess I could wear them to work
      and I am all about comfort too!

  3. I love these!!! Since I am a SAHM who can sometimes go an entire day with nobody but the bus driver seeing me, I rock this look a lot too. It's easy, comfy and you can dress it up or be casual. I have some really funky tights too that make it fun. And some beautiful long tank style ones for summer that I cannot wait to wear again.


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