Thursday, February 4, 2016

7 Days with 7 Words - Day 4

Don't fly with turkeys - - soar with eagles


  1. So true, and sometimes so hard. I am blessed that I no longer work with some of the turkeys of the past. I wanted to take them to the chopping block! :-))

  2. Turkeys can't even fly!! So yes, be an eagle. Or you'll just crash. LOL
    Like Josie, I am also blessed to be away from a job that had a lot of turkeys. Like, what's a group of turkeys called? Flock, herd, gaggle? Well, my point is: We're surrounded!! :)

    1. Rafter is for a group of domestic turkeys. "Gang" is also used. In the wild, a group is flock.
      who knew?

  3. Thanks for the turkey lesson today. Do we know who that guy is in the picture. Love that mustache!


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