Sunday, February 21, 2016

Journal Entry 2/21/2016

As hard as I try to keep on this path of optimism, positivity, good will towards man, etc  - I keep falling into the pothole on the road.  Eventurally I am going to figure out how to either avoid them or just get right back out - but for this week it was not the case.

It was my birthday week and I had just high hopes!
I had plans to meet Jared at 4AM for coffee before we both went to work on Wednesday, Thursday was my birthday and Friday was going to be an easy day ---

Left the house at 3:30 Wed - met Jared - had a great conversation - ate at McDonalds - won't be doing that again any time soon!
Had to be at work for a 7AM semi annual performance review.  Got to work on time, sat in my bosses office and that is when everything went sideways.
Turns out that I am difficult to work with and that there have been 3 formal complaints against me - 2 from people I have never met and 1 from the guy I work with everyday who has sought me out for help, thanked me for all of my work with him and is the key person I need to work with.   I was stunned! How does a person say one thing to your face and then turn around and tell your boss the exact opposite? How am I supposed to feel? or act?
Of course I started to cry - that wasn't embarrassing or anything !!!!
My boss assured me he was on my side and we would work through this together. He knows I want to work, he knows I know what I'm doing and he knows I am capable
So let's just say the rest of the day went by quite slowly and I wasn't in the best of moods - until I got home
First - I walked into a decorated kitchen with a dozen roses from my son and daughter-in-law and grandsons.

And thhen I opened a present from my very dear friend Wendy!
Can you say perfect timing????

that made everything better

Next morning I went into work and no one knew it was my birthday even though it is on the birthday calendar!  A friend of mine from a different department found out and her whole department came over and sang to me and gave me a cherry pie!  My department was a bit embarrased to say the least!

I decided to call in sick on Friday - I needed the day - and when I did my boss told me to fill out paperwork for a sick day and not work - so I did and I didn't!

today I am in the frame of mind that I will go to work - do my job, keep my opinions (personal) to myself and be as upbeat as possible.   This is the one time in life I wish I had won the lottery and didn't need the money!

Here's hoping next week is better -


  1. It's so sad that your Wednesday started out hopeful, then went straight South. Nothing amazes me with coworkers anymore, so sadly I have learned to be very guarded. Next year and every year plan to take your birthday off and do something fun, I do! I'm glad my little goft brightened your day. Yes, better days ahead, I believe that! Xoxo

    1. I like that idea - have a birthday by me, for me, with me!

  2. One day at a time, and try to make the best of each and every one. Sometimes it is hard to rise above the downers, but you can do it!

  3. So sorry about those nasty co-workers! I learned the hard way too not bring much of my personal life into the office. And I am so glad I am no longer in that environment. But good for you, pushing through - even through tears - to find your happy place and hold onto it!! And yay! for great co-workers and friends who DO take the time to show they care. Here's to better days ahead indeed.


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