Sunday, February 7, 2016

Journal Entry 2/7/16

I had a great time writing my 7 days with 7 words - who knows I might make that a 'thing'

I once again have to remind myself how absolutlely blessed I am and stop wallowing in the pity and sorrow. To say the least work has been less than ideal for a while and looking for a new job is always difficult. So now I have changed my mindset to being present at work for whatever is asked of me, be pleasant, don't offer opinions and leave home at home when I walk in the door.

I was actually in a meeting with my boss - 1 on 1 and he was talking about the same old thing. When I got up to leave I asked him if there was anything else and he said to me, "Don't be so nervous" to which I replied "I'm not nervous." Which in fact is true - what have I got to be nervous about?

Then he said, "Don't be so stressed."
I looked him straight in the face and said, "I'm not stressed." Got up and left his office.

Have you ever had someone who tells you that they want to hear your opinions, but in fact have no desire to really hear what you have to say?  I have an mid year review this week where I am supposed to tell him if I'm happy, what I want to do with the company, where i want to go and is there anything he can do for me.  What would be the point in telling the truth:

NO I'm not happy.
I was hired to do something and you have completely changed my role and function - this is NOT something I would have applied to for a job
I don't see any future for myself with this company - it is too political and the "Leadership" doesn't care about anything we have to say
Yes - you can let me do what I was hired to do!

I think I'll keep all of that to myself and just tell him I'm happy with whatever challenges he throws my way.

So on that note - I'm going to relax!


  1. Okay, it's time to move on to something new, for sure. So sorry your days are less than happy at work.

  2. Ugh, is it any wonder you appear stressed to him. Why wouldn't you be? This sucks! And you are so right, you can't really say all that, though you'd like to. It wouldn't help, it would just make things worse. Keep getting the days done, and keep your eyes open for a spot where you are able to do what you should be doing. It will happen!

  3. Seems to be a lot of that going around on the job front... "It is too political and leadership doesn't care about anything we have to say". I like my job, a lot, but I could do without all the political crap going on around me. It makes it very unpleasant to work sometimes. But I know that the grass isn't always greener on the other side and that there's always issues of one kind or another. Good luck to you!!!


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