Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Glamour is not all its cooked up to be

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Nicole was feeling anything but glamorous by the time Nick arrived at the hospital. He walked through the door hidden by a bouquet of red roses and blue balloons.  "Hello beautiful!" he roared as he sidled up to the bed.

Nicole had just finished nursing Bruce and was cradling him in her arms. Rather than being glad to see Nick, she was annoyed. All her wisdom and grace had disappeared in the delivery room, the room he had not been in! "Where have you been?" She demanded.

"You know where I've been," He calmly replied. "I had business to attend to and when I was done I got on the first airplane back. Now I'm here."

"Why didn't you even call? We tried to get a hold of you and never got an answer, anywhere you were supposed to be."

"The meeting got moved, that is why you couldn't reach me at that office. I had checked out of the hotel yesterday morning in anticipation of catching an early flight, but the meeting ended up running until 9:00 last night. I rushed to the airport, but there were no flights and slept in the airport until I boarded a few hours ago. I'm not sure where all of this doubt is coming from, perhaps your hormones?" Nick said, sitting on the edge of the bed.

Tears started to leak from Nicole's eyes as she listened to her husband in disbelief. He had always been honest with her before, but there was definitely something going on with his story. She knew it deep in her soul, but there was no way to prove it.

Gently Nick wiped the tears away and whispered in her ear, "You are the love of my life, the mother of my son and the only thing that is good and real in my life. Why would you ever doubt me?"

"I don't know," she whimpered back.

"Maybe you're just being silly! Now can I see my son?" He asked.

Nicole jerked her head up and asked, "How did you know he was a boy? No one has spoken to you since the birth."

"I checked with the nurses before I bought the balloons."

"Oh," she said, feeling foolish for being suspicious. "He is beautiful and I was thinking about naming him Bruce after my grandfather."
Two Shoes Tuesdsay

"That sounds like a great idea. Bruce Frederick Patterson."
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  1. You are so creative. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I've read the previous chapters, and they are great.
    Your story is getting more and more interesting.

  3. I clearly smell a rat. Too smooth, too reassuring, too quick with clever answers to her questions. Where was he really when she was giving birth to his son? All I can say is he'd better have been at that darn meeting, and I still think that men who can't say "family comes first" are off the mark. I once had a boss who believed that our route delivery drivers should finish their routes before proceeding to the hospital for the imminent birth of their children. He actually threatened to fire one, who refused, parked his truck, and headed to the hospital to watch his son enter the world. I am totally enjoying this story, especially since you've already given us a sneak preview of years to come! Great writing Brenda, keep it going!!

  4. Yes, there is something amiss here. I dropped everything at work and drove 150 miles back home when the last baby was born a couple of weeks early many years ago. I love all the twists and turns in this story.

  5. Oh yeah..... dude is not straight up! What you been up to Nick!!?? What's so important you cannot be there with your wife in the delivery room?! hhuumph!
    Cannot wait to see how this is going to turn out.


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