Thursday, April 3, 2014


Good day Thursday!

In the past I hosted a meme called pondering with a purpose - it was really just a way to give a single word prompt and see what became of it.

I have been requested to start this up again.

So today we will do the word MUG in honor of a few of my favorite people.

Go ahead and link up a post if you'd like and I'll get this format down within the next couple of weeks.

When I think of the word mug the first thing that pops into my mind is a coffee cup (obviously Les!)
It used to be that a mug was just that... a mug

But in today's world a mug is more of a statement:
An expression of who we are
OR: a mug is a baking dish! :

But does mug mean anything else to you?  Of course if you live in a rough neighborhood a mug is not something you drink out of but rather something you live through...

If you live in the British Isles, a mug is a fool

and then what about a mug shot??? 


  1. Thanks for hosting this again, Brenda. I enjoy "word" writing prompts, as they make me think and write. Yours always make me "ponder". Thank you for that, too.

  2. Absolutely - first thing I think of is "fill er up with leaded please!" LOL
    And I do absolutely have my favourite mug too. Hubby is the opposite -- obviously he thinks "mug" as in face, or the "mug shot". despite the fact that I am sure he and his fellow officers drink way more coffee than I on shift.

    So, I am just back from big grocery haul and have to start dinner - so I will probably miss this link up. but if you are going to continue on -- I'll see you next week! It might be a good idea to give some advance notice of the prompt (unless you want it to be more of stream of consciousness thing.) That's what I did with my weekly chat now: there's a stand alone page that gives the prompts a few weeks ahead of time.

    1. that's a great idea....if I can remember how to do that....and create the artwork!!!
      old age is not fun!

  3. Indeed we shall most gladly ponder with you again! I was delighted to see your post up, and I hope you find my little entry worthy. :-)

  4. Thank you, Les, for sharing 'pondering' again on fb. I had checked the old blog a few times to see, but there was no pondering going on there. Glad you are back, Brenda. Les' idea is excellent about early prompt. That might give people like me a chance too. Maybe see you next week - too late for now :)

    1. Hi Claudia,
      Thanks for stopping by and I will get that page up this weekend with upcoming prompts


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