Tuesday, April 1, 2014

You too can do this!

Two Shoes Tuesdsay

Two Shoes Tuesday has a theme today of Attitude or Anger or "A"

I am a huge believer that a positive attitude opens you up to positive things. I try very hard to not surround myself with negative people.  

Hope you enjoy this:

A             Ability to affect those around you
T              Tough to be positive in hard situations
T              Tenacity to push forward
I               I like to stay positive no matter what!
T              Too many people always see the negative
U             Understand how you can control certain areas of your life
D             Don’t let others keep you down

E              Everyone has the ability to change their own attitude.

   this is what I saw driving into work this morning


  1. Ahhh, we are on the same wavelength today! :-) I agree with all your thoughts on attitude, especially A and E! Attitude is so very contagious, one "bad apple" can indeed spoil things for the whole bunch. We end up with much happier lives when we realize that we are in control of how we deal with things, people and events do not have power over us unless we give it to them! Great post, I'm so glad you are sharing with us at Two Shoes Tuesday, I love the format you're using! :-)

    1. Thanks Josie. I had actually written a very depressing story to put up to show how bad attitudes affect people, but I decided that was not what I wanted to portray today!

      thanks for the format quip too---- I wasn't really planning on doing it again - last week was so perfect, but alas I did!

  2. So so true. Even when the realities of my life may be considered a negative - I can acknowledge them (because that is my truth), but I don't have to pack a bag and move in there to stay. I don't have to let it over shadow the beauty and blessings all around me.
    Like that gorgeous picture!! Wow.

    1. You are sooo right... Own the yuck and let it go!!

  3. I certainly agree with the T for tenacity. Being able to stick with it and win through with belief in yourself is so important.


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