Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday's Magic

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Two Shoes Tuesdsay
Today’s prompt is Magic or Move

Well…. This opens up so many ideas for me. Personally I just moved completely out of my comfort zone. Sold my house, quit my job, and moved to a city I had no knowledge about all to be nearer to my kids and grandkids. Now let me tell you about the magic that has involved.

I see my kids every weekend if not more. I see my grandkids every weekend if not more. I got a new job (not loving it yet, but I can always  find another one), am renting a house that both I and the dog think are great. So this Move was a complete leap of faith (and let me just say I don't hold much credence in faith!) and it worked out perfectly.

Not only that, but the biggest reason is that my son is getting married on May 3rd - in my new backyard! Now this is he son who has the adorable little boy on my header. They had not planned on having a baby..but life has different plans for us than we expect!

So do I believe in Magic! Yes and no... I think we make our own magic. There are trials and tribulations in life - some harder than others - and it is something within us that allows us to survive and come out the other side still standing. I'd say that's pretty magical.

But the most magical thing of all: Babies!


  1. awww.... they are so sweet!!! definite magic.
    And I think you're right and I don't care if Disney sues me, but I still believe in Faith, Trust....and a little pixie dust! LOL
    So happy for you that everything has turned out so well, and that you are near your lovely family. My heart swells for my friend. :)

    1. Thank you so much.... I definitely believe in fairies, I do I do!

  2. This is a post I'd like to give a copy of to everyone who is "stuck" in life, afraid to take that mighty leap in the chance that things can be so much better and brighter than before! You knew that you wanted to be closer to your family, and you've made that happen, along with a total change of environment that is always a healthy thing, not to mention that the doggy is crazy about your new back yard... and now it will become the perfect wedding venue! It's all good, and I have every confidence that a bit of magic will help you either come to like your job or find one that suits you better! I remember times that like me, you were struggling, and the happy just bubbles from your page these days... I am cheering for you and this masterful move all the way!! Thank you for sharing your story for Two Shoes Tuesday and once again showing us that a leap of faith can indeed move us in the right direction, that is a pretty magical thing if you think about it! :-)

    1. Joise... thank you.
      and honestly I'm not sure this new blog would have even come to pass if it hadn't been for you and your support over the past year!

  3. There is nothing better than to have your family close at hand. Let's hope May 3rd is a great day for you all.

  4. Brenda, you have so many blessings. I am happy that you have found a place where it is all coming together for you. You have been through a lot, and you came through it all. You made it happen. You have every reason to be happy about that.


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