Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Can I, Can I?

Joining Rory Bore for Coffee Chat.

This week this is her question: We just had a long weekend holiday in Canada -- where would you go if you had a 3 day weekend vacation -- and money was no option? - 

The only problem I would have is that I do not like to waste time on traveling - so if we could add a time machine into this equation so that the travel time was not included... (just sayin') this would be a really easy answer.

I have wanted to go to Greece for as long as I can remember - not probably for the reasons that you think. I don't care much for laying around in the sun, nor do I really care for Greek food, but I truly believe that Greece is where man's history begins. and I love history!

I cannot even imagine walking into 
The coliseum

The Parthenon

Can you imagine seeing all of these statues up close?

Well, maybe someday when time travel has been invented I will spend 3 days here (but I have a feeling that 3 days will not be enough!)


  1. Definitely a wonderful place to visit.

  2. Call Dr Who!!! We are getting in the Tardis and heading to Greece! LOL
    But I definitely agree with you: even I can only take so much beach and surf; I always want to wander off the beaten tourist path and explore the local culture/history. that is what really makes a place interesting, and helps you get to know it.
    But if you ever hire a Rastafarian driver/tour guide in Jamaica, and he asks you if you want to see the REAL Jamaica: you should probably say no. trust me. :)

    1. I'm with ya - do you happen to have Dr. Who's number? I'll pick you up on the way!


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