Thursday, May 15, 2014

Did you see that monitor?

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Once again we are going to ponder a word with Multiple meanings. 
Today's word is MONITOR  (you can always grab the prompt early by visiting the Pondering Page

When I came up with this word I was sitting in front of my computer monitor and wondering how in the world we all came to rely on this screen to run our lives? I mean seriously, you can't use a computer, or a phone, or an iPad or GPS without a monitor - right?

BUT then I had my grandson over for the weekend and he had a cold so I was monitoring his sleep throughout the night and then I realized that monitor can me used for watching - as in a baby monitor or alarm monitoring company.

and then of course who could ever write about monitor without including this guy?
Monitor Lizard


  1. It seems that monitors are ubiquitous these days.

  2. Ahhh yes, my face is glued to a desktop or laptop monitor on the average of ten hours a day! It's a wonder I don't go blind, and I think I need new trifocals! :-)) I almost wrote my post about a monitor lizard, so I smiled when I saw yours up there! Then I thought of another kind of monitor, the kind you spoke of that helps us keep watch over something, so I used that for my essay today. I wouldn't be without my home security alarm either, having had a previous home broken into three times, that was scary! It gives me a lot of piece to know that my daughter, who lives alone in a big house in Nashville, now has a security alarm operating at her place too. Now back to my regularly scheduled monitor time... working on client cases! Thanks for giving us prompts to inspire our writing each week... I enjoy linking up with Pondering! :-)

  3. LOL.... I had one of those systems installed in each house I owned. Now that I rent I do not have one.... just one more reason to go out and buy a new house!

  4. I must admit I much prefer the computer monitor to the monitor lizard. :-)

  5. clearly I did not monitor my time very effectively this week -- and thus no pondering post.
    I was very much in "reading" mode this week, which left me a little depleted in the "writing" mode.
    I'll be back on my game next week!

    And I do rather like the scaly guy! :)

    1. no problem.... ever~
      I kind of like looking at him from far away...not sure how I would feel about meeting him face to face.


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