Monday, May 5, 2014

Writerly Blog Chain and book reviews

I have been tagged in the "Writerly Blog Chain" that's been hopping around the "blogosphere". Thank you to McGuffy Ann for including me. Please visit her blog, It is filled with wonderful book reviews and animal adoption tips. Also, she is an awesome author who has two books that have been published:

Product DetailsWeeds, which is a book of poetry written from the heart.
 This book will draw you in and when you close the back cover you will understand the wonderful woman who wrote it much better. How she thinks, how she feels, what she sees. - I recommend you pick up a copy.

Product DetailsBedtime Tail is a wonderful children's book. It reminded me so much of the Mercer Meyer books I used to read to my children that I just could not wait to read it to my grandson. This is a must have for anyone with toddlers in their house and I do so hope this awesome author will put out more like this.

Now for the Chain:
I have been asked to answer four questions about my writing.
 Here are the questions and my answers:
1) What are you working on? I am not currently working on anything. I have a novel that is more than half done and I realized it wasn't really what I wanted to do. I did start another one and came to the same conclusion. 

2) How does your work differ from others of its genre? I would like to believe that my work cannot be captured in any one genre (which is perhaps why it never became profitable). I write stories that are real, about real people, yet the book is fiction. It is based upon a compilation of experiences, visions and beliefs. I try to capture the reader and when they finish the book they know more about the human condition.

3) Why do you write what you do? It started out that I was writing to help other people realize that they were not alone in their 'potholes' of life and that no matter how bad it gets there is always hope. I guess that by the time I got to Skewered Halo I had lost all hope and that can be seen when the story ends. From that point forward I did not see much point in writing depressing novels!

 4) How does your writing process work? Strangely enough I select a subject matter that I want to discuss and then I come up with a title. For example, I wanted to write a book about a mother losing a child and that child's experience as an adoptee. I felt that event would have disrupted all the lives involved and I called it Disrupted Lives. From there the characters take on a life of their own as I try to envision the world through their eyes. All the while I am trying to engulf my readers and open their eyes.

I would like to thank McGuffy Ann for this opportunity and I hope you do go check out her blog!


  1. Brenda, thank you so much for the reviews and the recognition and support. Your comments about both books (and me) mean a lot to me. I am also happy that you answered the questions about yourself! I know we are all works in progress. We are always learning, evolving and becoming who we are meant to be. You illustrate that here, and I strive to in my writing. I am glad we are friends. You are wonderful, too.Thank you.

  2. Lovely to meet you Brenda and thank you for sharing your writerly methods and thoughts! Thank you too for the info and reviews of McGuffy Ann's books! I have read some of McGuffy Ann's wonderful poetry on her blog but I didn't know about her children's book. It sounds adorable! Take care

    1. Thanks Old Kitty. It's nice to meet you as well. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Very nice review of McGuffy's books, Brenda. I know she is very pleased that you did the reviews and her books are certainly deserving of the attention. I enjoyed reading the answers to your questions. I have never had the urge to write a book, maybe, because in my line of work (Nursling), I am more into the one on one contact and conversations. That said it was interesting to read how you approach writing and knowing the success you have had, I am sure people are waiting for that next novel. It will come to you eventually and when it does, it will be a good one. Nice to talk to you again, Brenda ... it's been awhile :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    1. HI Andrea,
      Thanks so much for stopping by. It has been a while and it feels really good to be back.

  4. My kids love Bedtime Tails before bed -- my youngest pretty much knows it by heart and reads it in her bed.
    And this is the only "Weeds" I take into my garden with me -- LOL. I love a tall glass of lemon ice tea and my favourite poetry books while I am sitting in my garden.
    And I think the very uniqueness of your books is what should have them big hits!! Well, they were with me anyway.

    1. :) thanks for the encouragement about the books.
      And I too love Bedtime Tail - I can hardly wait for my grandkids to love it as well. She should write more..don't you think?

    2. You are both wonderful friends. I appreciate you both. I am working on a couple more books, actually. We will see where it goes. Hugs.


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