Sunday, May 4, 2014

Slow down Sunday

Phewwww.... what a week!

For those of you who follow me... you know that there was a wedding on Saturday. SO for the first time in over 5 years I had all my children and all my brothers under the same roof! Can you say amazing!!

The event was held in my backyard and today my back hurts (hee hee hee), But I wouldn't have changed a thing. Check it out for yourself:


My Beautiful Daughter and Son-in-Law

Son, Daughter in Law and granddaughters!

Does it get better than this??

The Bride!

With her son!

Groom and Ring Bearer

Best Man and Flower Girl

Mr and Mrs

I LOVE these guys!

I sense Happily Ever After

My Brothers!!
Still my greatest achievement!


  1. This is exactly what a wedding should look like... family... love... joy! Wonderful photos of all your kids, and spouses, and of course delightful grandbabies! And yes, you and your brothers together too! This will be a happy memory for a lifetime. The bride and groom look so happy... and she so beautiful in that dress! The d├ęcor was perfect, the sun shined, and now you can sit back, put your tired feet up, and savor the sweetness. Good job Brenda, this and the new house were just meant to be! OXOX

    1. Thanks so much Josie.... and I agree a hot bubble bath is in my very near future!

  2. I seriously getting all misty eyed looking at these!! I am so incredibly happy for you - I think I might burst! Such visible love and joy in these photos -- and some grandma time! All the good things I would wish for my big sister! :)
    I hope you got some moments to just quietly bask in all that bliss! Love you - and all the best wishes of a life of love and joy to the newlyweds too! <3

    1. Thanks sis! I am so glad all of this was captured on film. I can sit back and revisit it over and over!

  3. This is beautiful. You and your family, all together, this is what it is all about. Theses are the moments that matter. I am so happy for you. You deserve this. Hugs.

  4. Lovely photos! What a beautiful family! Congrats!


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