Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Heavy Help

I am joining my friend Josie for Two Shoes Tuesday  
Two Shoes Tuesdsay

This week the words are: HEAVY or HELP 

I decided to try my hand at fiction again:

She had always been an independent person. She raised her children single handedly, worked two jobs, put them through school, and did all the housework, yard work, cooking and cleaning, never asking for one bit of help. As her children grew, became independent and eventually moved out her heart was heavy, but she knew that she had been a good mother. She looked around her and saw so many other children that had grown up with her children that were now into drugs, or living off of their parents or in jail. Her children had grown up and settled into ‘adult’ life with spouses and children. They came to visit often, sharing their children with her. She wanted for nothing. Her life was full and she was happy.

Her life took a horrible turn when she fell down and broke her hip. No longer could she go to work, or clean her house, or even get out of bed on her own. She did not want to be a burden on her children as they had their own lives to live, so she did not ask for help. But that did not stop them. They did not think that helping was too heavy of a price for the life she had given. They were proud to be able to step in.

As her days drew to a close, her heart was heavy with all of the love that she had given and received. She knew she would no longer be there to help, but her words were never too far from their minds. And in turn, they gave their lives for their families as well.


  1. what a lovely story! I've met so many people like this I feel really fortunate to be able to say that.

  2. Both helping others and accepting help from others gracefully can nourish our hearts richly.
    I enjoyed reading your story.

  3. Oh my goodness. This hit so close to home.

  4. what a lovely story! And isn't that the way it should go?
    This reminds me so much of my late grandma - what a legacy she gave to us all.

  5. Liked your story. I have know someone like this. Her family was truly blessed.

  6. What a beautiful story, Brenda! Though it may be fictional, it is filled with life's truths, and this lady's story is not so far from my own. Papa Bear and I speak often of the years to come, and what will happen if one of us crosses over before the other, or we are physically unable to be on our own. I know without a doubt that our children love us dearly and will most surely see that we live with their love and care. Like this lady, I feel so very blessed in the adults that my children have grown up to be, and my heart wells up every time my son reaches out to take my hand when my old stiff knees falter, or my daughter brings me breakfast like I did so many years for her. In the end, I know that I will pass from this world smiling just like the lady in your story, knowing that I have loved, and been loved in return, and that my children will carry on that way of living, carrying the light of my little candle further into the world.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful contribution to Two Shoes Tuesday! I apologize for being so late to come around and read; as you know, I've been away on vacation, but promise to be back up to speed by next week! :-)


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