Sunday, January 10, 2016

Journal entry 1/10/16

Completing the first full week of 2016 I would definitely say that I am on the right path. I won't pretend to say that I haven't tripped a time or two, but the challenges are getting less difficult and the behavioral changes I wanted to make are taking from.

Work became much easier when I change my attitude and make it be a "let it Go" or don't become the salmon and try to go upstream. Just go with the flow.
I have caught myself being negative and in most pats have been able to turn it around. But just the very fact that I caught myself is a major kudos to me!

I have definitely done more things for myself and am trying to sever the ball of yarn that is wrapped around my children's lives.  I don't think I'm doing them any good by not pushing them out of the nest.  Michelle made the comment this week that she doesn't want to accept a job for minimum wage because it is not enough money.  OK - reality check here - since when is ANY amount of money worse than NONE?

Still no wod from jared although i did send him a text message this week telling him I respected his wishes and that I love him no matter what.   I think the solution to this one is really just let the time pass.

I am ending my week on a great note with a massage this morning and cuddle time. I have to go to bed early so I can get up at 3 to be at work by 4AM -

Congratulations Brenda!! You are doing great


  1. What a great beginning for this year! I really have to work on that negativity thing too, and yes - just catching ourselves is a big step. I try that "go 24 hours without complaining" thing and realize how often I am griping about something! Sadly, you are right about the kids, at some point they have to learn to fly on their own, but I know how hard it is, the tough love thing. I'm glad you reached out to your son, the ball is in his court, and he will come around in time. You have to be at work at 4 AM?? Always?? Is the traffic any better at that hour? Bless you as you continue on your journey, you are inspiring me to keep working on mine, and together we are going to be strong and sassy women by the end of this year! :-)

    1. it is only 4AM for Monday

  2. Sounds like really positive steps, my friend. There is an old saying about how if you let something go, it will return to you. I like Josie's reference to strong and sassy women.

    1. Oh me too.... that is the goal - strong, sassy, confident -

  3. Some great positive steps to start your year!! This is a very exciting journey for you, and it's great to be here for you along the way. I hope you got some good cuddles in at the end of this great week.


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