Saturday, January 9, 2016

Saturday Spoil Myself

So in line with the 'me' year - I am going to spend my first Saturday hanging out around the house. I have to take Ms. Trixy to the groomer - she loves her bath time!

Then when she gets home we'll probably snuggle up and catch up on some tv watching.

Anyone got a GREAT book they can recommend?

Happy weekend to all my blogger friends.

P.S. Sunday I am treating myself to a massage !!!
I'm beginning to really like this new attitude


  1. I love this year of taking care of yourself, you are going to be so much happier for it! Aren't you glad the house is done and you can just enjoy it now?!

  2. I bet Trixy is loving the new papering concept too, downtime with Mom is the best ever!

  3. Sounds like a good time of pampering for both of you!! Enjoy.
    I just finished Girl on The Train -- I really liked it. Also, Hilary from Feeling Beachie did a new book Plan Bea that I really enjoyed too.


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