Sunday, January 17, 2016

Journal Entry 1/17/16

This week did not go exactly as planned. I kneew that I had been summoned for jury duty for Monday and already knew that my group was not called. I went work and had a really good day - stayed positive- became the duck - let the water roll off my back.

Tuesday - no jury duty - went to work - had to sit through meetings that were absolutely pointless - never lost my perspective.

Wednesday had to report to court for Jury Service. I really didn't mind - I looked at it as a day off in the middle of the week. I loved people watching - it was great! The thing about jury service is that it is much more waiting than anything else. I have been called for service several times however have only made it into a jury panel selection once. It would have been great fun.
This time was no exception - by 3:00 we were dismissed and thanked for our service - even though we did nothing all day.
The funny thing is watching all the people who grow impatient and are trying to figure out any way possible to get out of there. My feeling - what's the point - you're there - might as well relax.

Unfortunately I ended up getting some sort of stomach bug that hit that afternoon while I was still in the courthouse. I got home and headed straight for the bedroom - was up all night and didn't go to work on Thursday. Never really got out of bed (couldn't risk the distance from a bathroom). Got a fever and spent Thursday night in a pool of sweat and chills.

Didn't go to work Friday - just laid around.

Saturday - finally feeling better (maybe I lost some weight???)

Through it all I did not lose my perspective. Only down side is that I didn't get to see my counselor - but that's okay - I am still doing the hard work!

More positive accolades for me!  Very proud of myself. Stuck to my resolutions, my decisions and my perspectives!


  1. I am so proud of you, sticking with your plan despite issues and being sick! I didn't do as well, but back on track for the coming week. You are right that jury duty is usually a waiting game, our phones are great distractions now! Hope you feel much better in the week ahead.

    1. Thanks Josie - and I'm rooting for you this week!

  2. Glad to hear that bug was a short visit -- although certainly not a pleasant one. Not surprised given all the people you were probably around at the courthouse. Can you believe I have never ever been called for jury duty??!!! It amazes me.


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