Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A good book...

throwing some love in the direction of my sista. 

Have you ever had the kind of connection with a blogger buddy that you know has impacted your life? Sort of like you are in a family and know so much about the other one?  Well, that is the way it is with me and Les. I am positively sure this wonderful person is my little sister!  Anyway I digress.... over at Time out for Mom  Les posts a prompt for her Tuesday Coffee Chat. We all grab coffee and have an old fashioned gab fest.

Today the prompt is: Finish the following:    You know a book is really good when _________ 

I have a list for this one!

1.  You don't want it to end because you are in love with the characters
2.  You think about what is going to happen when you are in the middle of reading it.
3.  Life comes to a screeching halt when you are reading.
4. But most important: The story and characters remain with you long after the last page is read.

Here are a few of my favorites:

How about you? What makes you know a book is good?


  1. I agree with each item on your list! I may look into The Butterfly Cabinet and Disrupted Lives. I never read Gone with the Wind but I watched the series and I LOVE IT. I so passionate about the story line. I think I was too young for the books at the time, though. Perhaps I should read it now... I'm visiting from the link up at Time Out for Mom.

  2. Well thanks for stopping by! I'd love to know what you think of the books after you've read them.

  3. So much love for you my sista!!!
    And I definitely agree with Gone With The Wind!! That book: the story, the characters.... heck, the plantation Tara itself... has stayed with me for years and over multiple readings (and viewings because of course Clark Gable - ha).
    And it's so true..... a really good story with really loveable characters, Lingers.
    Thanks for joining me for a chat - it's always nice to have "family" along. :)

    1. Gone with the wind is really and truly one of the only books I know of that has stayed with me over 40 years! the descriptions, the beauty, the tragedy.... ahhhh.... makes me want to go back and read it again!

  4. Love your list! "Gone with the wind" is a favorite of mine as well.


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