Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Two Shoes Tuesdsay

I am joining my friend Josie for Two shoes tuesday

Her prompt this week is summer or storm

Summer is not my favorite season
I do not like being warm
However it is fun to be outside longer
as long as the flies don't swarm.

Summer is not my favorite season
A/C is not the norm
But getting some color on my skin
Makes me feel a better form

Summer is not my favorites season
I'd rather it be fall
When the wind is brisk and cold
And hot chocolate is for all!


  1. Very nice poem. Nice to meet you,


  2. But COLD chocolate is good too! And toasted marshmallows on MELTED chocolate! Nice poem! Im really not a summer fan either... just a chocolate fan!

  3. I can relate to this. I am not a fan of Summer either. I love Autumn...and hot cocoa.

  4. You would hate it here in Australia then! Warm to hot weather is possible for 6 months a year and winters very mild. We drove through our Snowy mountains here in winter and realised why we emigrated from England almost 50 years ago! But hot chocolate is fine.

  5. I am not crazy about SC summer but with A/C it's tolerable. And with A/C hot chocolate is good.

  6. summer is definitely my favourite season.... but then again, it's very short here! That's probably why I enjoy that few months of hot sun we get. If I lived where the sun was always shining; I'd want Fall too.

  7. A fun anti-summer rant in verse form, Brenda... loved it! I must concur, Summer is not my favorite season either. Here in west Texas it is just too darn hot... and doesn't begin to cool down until after sunset. The sun and I aren't friends, so I am confined indoors under that artificial AC cool you speak of. Give me the Spring or Fall anytime, but I do appreciate the beauty of summer.. all the lush foliage and flowers... I wish we had that here! Thanks for joining in at TST, I appreciate you!

  8. Summer is not my favorite season, either.

  9. LOL - I do not enjoy the heat of summer, either, but I do enjoy the idea of it! I quite enjoyed your poem. I'm totally in for autumn, though!


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