Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Last Coffee Chat until Fall :(

over at Time out for Mom  Les posts a prompt for her Tuesday Coffee Chat. We all grab coffee and have an old fashioned gab fest.
Today the prompt is: Turn Offs.  What makes you go "eeeewwww."

This one is easy for me... definitely too much cologne or perfume. You know the kind of person I am talking about... the one who enters the room way before their personal being enters. The type of person who uses so much 'odor adherent' that you want to gag when they are next to you! I love certain perfumes, but even when they are used in excess I cannot stand the person who is wearing it.

Another "eeeeewwwww" moment comes from the people you are talking to and the stench from their breath makes you literally gag. Is it possible that these people do not know that they have bad breath? Wouldn't their mouths taste funky?  Just sayin'

Anyway... This is the last Coffee Chat for a while and I am just pouring out my love for my sista!

What makes you go eeeeewwwwww?


  1. Definitely dislike people who use a lot of perfume as well as smokers who reek of their cigarettes. Have a good summer.

  2. oh gag gag gag when the cologne factory passes by!! Amen sista! to this day I cannot stand the scent of Polo cologne because the boys in high school must have showered in it before coming to school.
    Boys boys .... you spray a little in the air... and walk through the cloud. ONCE. I cannot stress that enough.
    Or, a little dab of Davidoff Cool Water on your neck and...... *faints*
    I always worry about the breath thing because I drink coffee and that is horrible to smell sometimes. Those Starbucks mints are really great! I always have some of them in my purse.

  3. For me, it is the person with poor hygiene. I am taking about the one who insists they are all natural. So, they don't use soap, deodorant, or powder. They don't brush their teeth, either. These are people who could clean up their act, but don't. Eww...

  4. Oh dear, I couldn't agree more in regard to the bad breath thing. I carry Altoids everywhere because I don't want to scare others away with my coffee breath and I even pop one in AFTER I have brushed my teeth just because. And the perfurme rule is less is more. There is a lady in our office building that we don't see but we can smell her there the halls and in the ladies room. Gag!


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