Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saturday Leaps

Took a big leap of faith
Most of it came through perfectly
But one part was a failure.

Gave notice last Thursday at work
Start new job in 7 days.

Let's hope this leap is successful!

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  1. A leap of faith doesn't have to be seen as a failure. Experiences are learning opportunities. You learned, and now move on wiser. Wishing you all of the best, my friend. Hugs.

  2. Good for you! Best of luck with the new job! I have faith in you!

  3. Faith is also believing that there is something out there that will work better for you, and I believe there is! You have just began putting the pieces of this new chapter of your life together. It is wiser to know this job wasn't the right fit and to make a change than to suffer thru it for the long run, making yourself miserable in the process. I'll add my prayers to your that the new one turns out to be perfect!

  4. I am praying that your leap will be successful, Brenda.

  5. best wishes in the is new adventure!!
    and I don't think any time we take a leap of faith can really be called a failure. taking the leap is a success in itself.


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