Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fire it up!

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Time to Ponder yet again.  You know the drill... I post a prompt that has multiple meanings and we get see what you write! Add you post to the linky and wait for the magic!!

This is the last of the two part series given by Rory over at Time out For Mom
(If you want to send me words that you would like us all to ponder - please feel free to do so!) 

Today's word is FIRE  (you can always grab the prompt early by visiting the Pondering Page

The one use for this word that I hope I never see is:  

I have gotten one of these - however I have been verbally let go.... anyone know why these are always on PINK paper (hence the name Pink Slip)?

There is nothing like a rip roaring fire when you are camping or hunkering down at home during a cold winter

But I like to think that I can put a fire under someone to get them to do something. This works especially well with small children. (You know, bribery!!)

What's your take on this word?  Join the linky party and let's see!

Happy Pondering!


  1. 'Fire' has scary meanings when it is used as a verb, doesn't it?

  2. I've never been fired, though I've come pretty close a couple times for speaking my mind, and it's always a possibility that I find myself in that situation in the future. I think we all worry about the permanence of our jobs today. Sometimes I'm totally dumbfounded about people who should have long since been fired yet manage to retain their jobs!

    I don't think there is anything more comforting than sitting next to the warmth of a brightly burning fire, outside or inside. It seems to bring out primal connection in us, and always puts me in a "deep thoughts" mood.

    I need someone to light a fire under me this morning, I am not feeling very motivated to do my work! :-) Thank you for another great word to Ponder, Brenda, I look forward to Thursdays and seeing what each person shares!

  3. The interesting thing about fire is that it can be life giving: warmth, cooking, cleansing.... but also bring destruction. It can inspire or ignite a passion in someone, but you can also get burned if you get too close! It's such an interesting word that we have attached so many meanings to.
    Sorry I missed the link up --- I didn't have fire: but I did have a wicked storm that brought down half our backyard tree and we've been cleaning up the mess.

  4. Sorry for my tardiness. Trucking is pretty demanding.Great prompt; I hope you find my offering worthy. This song means a lot to me. Hugs.

  5. Ya I have been let go, but was never offered a pink slip either. I don't like pink anyway! : )


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