Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Over at Two Shoes Tuesday, Josie posts two words that we can use together or individually and then sits back and watches the fun roll on.

Two Shoes Tuesdsay

Today's words are Pretend or Pop

Pretend it doesn't matter
     Tomorrow it will

Pretend it doesn't hurt
    Tomorrow it will

Pretend you are happy
    Tomorrow you won't

Pretend you are in control
    Tomorrow you won't

Pretend this is the way it is supposed to be
    Tomorrow you will realize

All the years spent pretending made you who you are today!


  1. Very nice, Brenda. It all shapes us into who we are, doesn't it?

  2. So much truth in these words of wisdom, Brenda! Pretending is a lot like acting, and we are told that if we act the part we will eventually make it real. I've done a lot of pretending... in relationships... in jobs... and in life. These days I'm all about being real. But I know just as you say here, that it is what came before, that has made me who I am, so ultimately I am grateful that pretending helped to keep me alive. Thank you for a wonderful deep-thoughts post for Two Shoes Tuesday!

  3. I'm gonna pretend I get to be the female star in the next great action flick!! LOL
    perhaps something a little more realistic, eh?
    but I do believe in the power of pretend for sure --- it's just positive thinking really. make it happen!

    1. sometimes that is true and sometimes pretending can be a very dangerous thing!

  4. Pretending is much like give life a trial run. Why not? It is as good a training as any.


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