Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Clear as dawn

Everything looks clearer in the dawn. It is a new beginning, each and every day. For months on end the nights had been the only calming feature in his life. That was the time when no one could force him to join in a conversation, or ask stupid questions, like "How are you feeling today?" or "Are you doing better today?"

He was sure there wouldn't be a better feeling day for him anytime in the near future. Six months into his new life, the time of day altered and he realized that sleeping past dawn was now a thing of the past. So rather than fight it, he would open the curtains really wide and welcome the new day. After a while he ventured out to the roof to see the dawn from a different angle.

The dawn became his friend and the nights were just a hinderance to what lay ahead - the dawn of a new day.

He supposed it was time to finally answer all those questions with a, "I'm feeling hopeful today" or "Yes today is going to be a great day.

Everyone, everywhere needs the chance to have a new beginning. In his case, it was every day!

Joining Josie2Shoes for Two Shoes Tuesday where the prompt this week is perfect and dawn

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  1. You and I think on the same wavelength, Brenda! We both love stories that encourage and uplift, and this one does that in a wonderful way! In my story the character dreads night, and in yours he dreads the day, and yet both come to find new beginnings in the light of dawn! I often feel that way on the morning when I drive to work as the sun is rising, or at dawn during winter months. It is very hard to feel depressed and hopeless when such incredible beauty is being painted on the sky right before your eyes... and yet, it happens again everyday... every day is starting over, every day can be a new day.. .and there is always, ALWAYS hope! Thank you for a beautiful story for Two Shoes Tuesday, I have envisioned your character and his situation, and I have a heart for him. I hope his new approach brings him to much happier times!

  2. Happily your character decided to make the best of what he couldn't change---and in the end maybe he will be changed.

  3. I can identify with the man in your story, Brenda.

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    1. hmmmm... maybe this is the beginning of my 8th book!


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