Thursday, July 31, 2014

Freeze Frame!

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Time to Ponder yet again.  You know the drill... I post a prompt that has multiple meanings and we get see what you write! Add you post to the linky and wait for the magic!!

(If you want to send me words that you would like us all to ponder - please feel free to do so!)

Today's word is FRAME(you can always grab the prompt early by visiting the Pondering Page

Of course the first thing that came to mind was the old song Freeze Frame - which really has to do with old fashioned picture taking when photos were captured on film.

But that is not the first thing that came to my mind when I created this prompt. I had been watching a show where someone was framed for a murder. Now why is that word relevant there? Does it mean you are putting someone inside a little box (or a frame?)

The most popular use for this word is what you put a picture in to display.
There are standard frames, you know the boring ones.   

Then there are the embellished ones  

AND then there are the frames that actually send messages:

What were your thoughts on FRAME?

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Happy Pondering


  1. This one was fun, thanks for hosting!

  2. Oh I didn't even think of that song!! Now I have to go listen to it. I was definitely stuck on the traditional meaning of frame --- because with all the pictures I've taken lately: I am in desperate need of some! :)

  3. the best frames are the ones you make!

  4. When I post birthday "cards" on friend's Facebook pages I always like to add a colorful frame around them, because I think they stand out better. I would not like to be framed for a something I didn't do, I will take responsibility for what I do, but not for what I had no part in, then I get MAD! :-) When I worked for a homebuilder long ago I loved to watch houses being "framed", they looked like skeletons and it was hard to imagine how beautiful they would be when completed. I wrote my post about my "frame of mind", which is sometimes good and sometimes a bit "askew"! ;-)

    1. I am so glad you did!
      Love you J2S ....


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