Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Will you follow?

"Let's play follow the leader!"
"Yeah!" was the bevy of voice that came back.
"Okay, I'm the leader. Here we go!"

They found themselves laughing and running and playing as the hours passed. They switched leaders several times, but it didn't really matter. What was important was that there was not a moment of doubt or worry on any of the followers parts as they knew they were safe.

When it was time to go inside most of the kids were muddy, tired and extremely happy. What made it so much more fun was that their parents were right there next to them, muddy and tired as well!

When was the last time you played follow the leader?

Joining Josie2Shoes for Two Shoes Tuesday where the prompt this week is inside and follow.

Two Shoes Tuesdsay


  1. I feel like we "play" follow the leader every day, LOL! Between being a parent, friend, and wife the game of being a good example is limitless. And yes, somedays are muddier than others. Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by!

  2. I tried to read deeper into your post than perhaps I should. The word safe is so vital here. I was a child brought up in WW2 in Britain and I don't think I ever felt unsafe in that time. Why is it, nearly sixty year later do we worry about the safety of children in peacetime? For all our prosperity we seem to have lost something in those intervening years.

  3. Brenda, this was wonderful! It brought to mind all the innocence of summer as a child, the playing of games that seem so simple now, but felt perfect. I just loved how you tied the parents in with this, not only assuring the children's safety, but taking the opportunity to be childlike themselves once again for a little while... and that's such a fun thing to do. I can imagine the laughter and pointing at muddy bodies and shoes. Wonderful are parents who teach children than getting dirty isn't horrible, it's fun... and so is the squeaky clean feeling that follows! I think I shall be playing Follow the Leader in my dreams tonight, and just see where it take me! Thank you for a delightful Two Shoes Tuesday tale! :-)

  4. I have never played "follow the leader," but it reminds me of similar games I played with my friends in my childhood and of those happy days. Thank you for sharing a heart-warming piece of writing.

  5. Yes, a wonderful game for children and adults, as well.


  6. This post took me back to my days as a child care provider! We played this all the time!

  7. This was always a fun game to play. And when I taught, in a children's bible study program, it was once again great fun to play.


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