Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Stuck Together Forever

Bruce looked at himself in the mirror and all he could see was contempt. "Looks like we're stuck together forever," he said out loud to the image.  He hadn't always felt this self loathing. In fact at one point in time he was actually a carefree, happy man. But those days were so far removed from his memory that at this point in time he actually felt stuck in his life.

When Bruce had grown up, he wanted for nothing. But then the accident happened and his whole world changed. The family (Bruce, his sister and their parents) had chartered a small boat to take them on the trip of their lives. His parents were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary and they wanted to share it with their children. They often joked about life had changed when they decided to take the plunge and be stuck together forever. Life was good!

Then, the boat went adrift, somewhere in the middle of the ocean. They had no power, no radio and no way out. Days passed and his father assured them that they would be missed and someone would come looking for them. Days turned into weeks. No water was left on the boat, the only food they had was whatever they could catch. Both his mother and sister were very weak. The night the ocean stirred up it's fury was the worst. The boat was tossed and turned and the wind was pounding. They each took shelter to ride out the storm. .....

to be continued.

This post is linked up to Two Shoes Tuesday where the prompts this week are stuck or together

Two Shoes Tuesdsay


  1. awwww c'mon! Nice start though! I want to know more!

  2. Oooh Brenda, is writing!! This is good, and I want to know what's happened to him in this incident! You'd better plan on coming back with more in the days ahead or I will post bad words on our WWF games! ;-) Seriously, this is a great use of the prompt words for Two Shoes Tuesday, and I'm delighted to see you indulging in some creative writing, which I know is your first love!

    1. Now I have to come up with a good title ---- can't use this one (it is 3 words!) has to be 2

  3. I also think it's very cool that both of us decided to start a story with our posts this week, without ever knowing that the other was doing the same. We really do seem to travel on the same wave length at times! :-)

  4. It will be interesting to see which of the family proves to be the leader to enable them to survive. Will tune in next week!

  5. ack......nooooo!!! What happened!!
    I can't stand this -- I can't wait. LOL
    you do so know how to grab out attention fast.

  6. Great beginning. I can't wait to read more.


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